LIQUA Online offers the following payment methods: credit card (Carte Bleue / Visa / Mastercard). We guarantee a secure payment.


After choosing your credit card type, you will be connected to our secure payment server. All you need to do is enter your card number, expiry date and visual cryptogram.

The payment is completely secure thanks to the online payment system of our banking partner: Société Générale. Your bank details are processed only by the bank and are never in possession of

The security system is based on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Encryption is fully supported by SIPS (Atos Secure Payment Internet Service). This payment solution is the most used in France for payment over the Internet.

The payment interface of Société Générale is based on 3D Secure technology. It is a system developed to authenticate cardholders and avoid any fraudulent use of them. In addition to the number, the validity date and the cryptogram, with the 3D Secure system, the cardholder must authenticate on an interface of his bank to which he is automatically redirected, by entering a code or information his bank will have sent him beforehand. Once authenticated, the holder will see his transaction authorized or refused by his bank.