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Kit Kangertech CUPTI Champagne

Kit Kangertech CUPTI Champagne

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KangerTech Kit Kangertech

The Kangertech CUPTI box is most renowned for its easy assembly, leakage prevention, temperature control, and the option to switch coils for desirable direct inhalation (DL) or indirect inhalation (MTL).

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Paiement sécurisé

The CUPTI box is a straightforwardly assembled and brilliantly constructed electronic vaping device. It has been specially designed to prevent leakage and adjust temperature (TC device) depending on the specific desired coil material (SS, Ni, Ti, or NC). The design is unique because of where the reservoir tank and coil are located and how the vapor is produced. From the top, the drip tip inserts into the adjustable air flow piece. The air flow piece screws onto the top of the electronic device next to the OLED screen. The adjustable air flow and coil connector are one whole piece. The coil connector is actually a long hollow stainless steel stem with threads at the bottom designed to connect and disconnect a coil. When you press the fire button with the desired wattage for vaping, the coil heats the e-liquid producing a vapor. As you inhale through the mouthpiece and air flow, air mixes with the vapor allowing the vapor to travel upwards through the hollow stem. This may sound complicated, but it is very simple once you play with and experience this device.

There are other improvements the CUPTI device is astonishingly known for. The reservoir tank has a max fill line of 5militers indicating how much e-liquid you can fill the tank with. There is no cap on the bottom to unscrew on this model. Previous electronic cigarette models required you to unscrew the cap when needed to fill the tank which prevents leakage when filling. There is, however, a more improved battery cover with a switch to unlatch the battery from the battery port. Pull the switch back to unlock/ lock and insert/replace the 18650 required battery. Then, push the battery cover firmly back on locking it in place.

Furthermore, the charge port is on the bottom. The venting area for the battery is on the backside with a “K” logo for Kangertech. Above the vent hole is the Fire Button. The OLED screen is on top next to the regulatory buttons (plus+ and minus-). The screen displays the wattage, battery life, Ohms, and voltage. The adjustable airflow attaches and is on the top of the device next to the screen. The device comes with a standard wide bored drip tip and another thinner drip tip.

*In order to change the coil, unscrew the adjustable air flow piece, and pull out the long stem. At the bottom of the stem, you can unscrew and screw on the coil.

*The CUPTI box offers a maximum power of 75W and operates with temperature control mode in Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel (Ni200), Titanium (Ti) and NiChrome (NC).

Button Functions

  • Press Fire button 5x is on/off
  • Hold +Plus,-Minus is directional flip LED
  • Press + to increase wattage
  • Press- to decrease wattage

Temperature Control

  • Press fire button 3x is temperature control
  • Use the plus to decrease temperature
  • Use minus to decrease temperature

**Press fire button 3x again each time you want to switch between Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti), Stainless Steel (SS), NiChrome (NC), and the wattage screen

LCD Functions

Check Battery: When the 18650 battery is too low

Check Atomizer: Coil not found

Low Resistance: Short Protection when coil is damaged

High Atomizer: Coil Resistance too high

Low Atomizer: Coil Resistance too low

Atomizer Short: coil short; damaged coil, coil touching metal surface

Lock: device buttons unusable

Unlock: device buttons usable

Kangertech: device is turned on

Off: Device is turned off

Clock picture, IOS over: Long time holding of fire button for over 10 seconds

Temp High: Protection for when the temperature is too high


  • Dimensions: 50mm x 82mm x 22.5mm (2”in x 3 1/4”in x 7/8” in)
  • Weight: 330g (11.64 oz)
  • Power rating: 7 Watt min - 75 Watt Max
  • Thread: 510
  • Tank Capacity: 5ml (1.01 tsp)
  • Format batteries: requires 1x 18650 battery *sold separately
  • Constructive Material: zinc alloy and aluminum alloy
  • Color: Champagne
  • TC mode: temperature control for coil types
  • MTL/DL: Mouth to lung availability and Direct lung availability
  • Wick: CLOCC child lock organic cotton coil
  • Display Screen: OLED screen
  • .15 ohm minimum resistance
  • Temperature Range: 100-300°C (200-600°F)
  • Replaceable Pyrex glass tank

Kit Includes

  • Nifty Box with folding flaps
  • Optional RBA base
  • 1 Extra skinny drip tip
  • Micro USB charging cord
  • 2 different coils for 2 different vaping

0.54ohm SS316L wire coil = Direct to Lung

1.5ohm NC wire coil = Mouth to Lung

  • 1 English Manual
  • *Battery sold separately- requires 1x 18650


*Please follow the instructions for correct usage in order to avoid mistaken misuse. Please note that all devices will at some time collect residual e-liquid which is a normal wicking process. For you to obtain the best quality and avoid malfunction we advise careful consideration when assembling, filling, using, and modifying your vaping device. We value your vaping enjoyment!

*To avoid leakage: Make sure the air intake piece is securely screwed on. It must be tightened snug. Do not over-tighten, but you need to make sure it is tightened enough. Since the charging port is on the bottom of the device, it is needed to lay the device on the side when you are charging the battery. This is the most common problem, because when the device is laid on the side, the excess e-liquid that is inside of the hollow stem will run out of the mouthpiece and adjustable air flow area. When the device is not charging, position the CUPTI so it is standing up on its bottom.

*To fix slurping: The CUPTI design avoids leakage problems, but it is still common for slurping to occur. Since the coil is always submerged and the wick exposed, the wick will continuously absorb e-liquid. E-liquid will absorb through the wick and into the hollow stem. When this happens, a buildup of e-liquid will be noticed when you vape and inhale into the device.

  1. Unscrew and remove the air flow piece from the device. Leave the coil connected to the hollow stem.
  2. Use a tissue to clean up excess e-liquid off of the hollow stem and coil so a large mess can be avoided.
  3. Tightly roll a piece of tissue long enough and thin enough to stick through the hollow stem to clean out excess slurp e-liquid.
  4. Close the adjustable air intake and use your fingers to plug the air intake holes. Do this even though you have the air flow closed all the way.
  5. Set a folded piece of tissue under the coil.
  6. Then, blow into the mouthpiece and you will see that on the coil the e-liquid will blow out of the wick, thus, clearing out the excess e-liquid.
  7. Screw back on the air flow piece and hollow stem piece snuggly.
  8. Vape at your desired setting. You will notice that little residual e-liquid remains, but it will disappear as you continue to vaporize the little excess that remains.

CUPTI V1/V2 Pyrex Tank Installation Instructions

This replacement Kangertech CUPTI Pyrex glass tube comes with 2 seal rings and 4 Phillips head screws (3 longer screws, 1 shorter screw). This requires a Phillips #1 screwdriver, and seal ring pliers or tweezers.

Make sure the battery is removed and there is no e-juice in the tank before disassembling the Pyrex Tube; flush and rinse out any residual fluid before disassembling to minimize a mess! Use a magnetized tip screwdriver to help with accurate disassembly and assembly placement of the screws. Use tweezers or a paperclip to remove the seal rings. If done properly and securely, there will be no leakage onto the Pyrex tube.

  1. Place the CUPTI device upside down on a smooth flat surface. It will remain in this position in every step.
  2. Begin by unscrewing the shorter set screw that is located on the lower front side of the device.
  3. On the very bottom of the device, there are two longer screws on both sides of the round CE logo. Unscrew both of these longer screws.
  4. Next, flip the battery switch open, and you will see the fourth long screw you need to unscrew on the inner side.
  5. Carefully, pull the entire base cover off slowly in a rocking side to side motion. *Be very careful because there is a lead wire that will need to stay connected. Have the base cover gently hang on the side with the wire connected once it is detached.
  6. With the entire device still in this position upside down, use one hand to hold the entire device while you use your other hand to pull up the Pyrex tube. To easily pull up the Pyrex tube, grab the Pyrex on the side with your fingers where it is exposed and carefully twist and pull out the tube.
  7. Then, you will see that there is a white silicon seal ring that the Pyrex tube was pulled out of. In general, you can also use small instruments such as a pair of tweezers or paperclip to remove the seal ring (Please make sure to not use too much force and accidently damage the seal rings). Carefully, place 1 new seal ring with the flat side towards the mouthpiece and the raised side inwards so it can receive the glass tube. Make sure it is securely installed. Use the pair of tweezers to firmly press down all around the seal ring to make sure it is secure.
  8. Place the new Pyrex tube in the slot. Grab the Pyrex tube on the side through the exposed slot, and firmly slide down the tube onto the seal ring so it makes a tight fit to avoid leakage.
  9. The second seal ring is located on the inside of the base cover (near the battery latch) that you had initially pulled off of the Pyrex tube. Carefully, use a pair of tweezers to pull off the seal ring without causing damage to the lead wire. Install the new seal ring by placing the flat side on the latch end with the raised inner lip so it can receive the Pyrex tube. Make sure to firmly place and secure the seal ring by pushing it down with the tweezers, but not too hard so that you damage the seal ring. If done correctly, you will avoid possible leakage.
  10. Now, you are ready to put the base cover back on. Put the first half of the base cover on where the seal ring is located. Make sure the lead wire is placed inside so the base cover doesn’t cause any damage. Then, carefully push the base plate on until it firmly and quietly snaps shut.
  11. Now, install the new screws in the reverse order they were taken out. This is where the magnetized screwdriver comes in handy so you don’t lose the tiny screws. First, install the one long screw on the inside of where the battery cover is located. Use one hand to hold the base cover so it doesn’t pop up and use the other to screw down the base cover. You can then snap shut the battery cover.
  12. Install the two long screws back in the two sides where the round CE logo is so it is snug and tight.
  13. Make sure that there is no gap around the entire base cover to ensure the Pyrex glass installation has been successfully and correctly installed.
  14. Install the 1 small set screw on the side of the device.
  15. Put about 2ml of e-liquid inside, screw on the atomizer, and wait for about 5-10 minutes to check for leaks. If there are no leaks, fill the tank up to the max fill line indicator. Enjoy!
  • Dimensions 82 mm X 22.5 mm
  • Batterie 1 accu
  • Réservoir 5 ml
  • Puissance de sortie 75W
  • Couleurs disponibles Champagne
  • Type CLOCC

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Kit Kangertech CUPTI Champagne

Kit Kangertech CUPTI Champagne

The Kangertech CUPTI box is most renowned for its easy assembly, leakage prevention, temperature control, and the option to switch coils for desirable direct inhalation (DL) or indirect inhalation (MTL).

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